A Story of Hope: Rick and Tammy Leidsen

Rick and Tammy Leidsen

Two of our local Salvation Army Soldiers, Rick and Tammy Leidsen, were recently featured in the Huffington Post sharing the story of their struggles of addiction to meth and dealing with serious medical issues, and how they overcame those things with their faith in Christ and love for each other. Check out an excerpt below and read the full story at the Huffington Post.

After blowing an $11,000 inheritance on gambling and meth in just one month, Rick Leidsen, 50, decided he’d had enough of the drugs and enough of living in a van in a Fresno, Calif., parking lot with his girlfriend. He wanted out of a 25-year addiction.

The Monterey Peninsula Corps is proud to have these two in our local corps, serving the community and sharing their inspiring story with others looking for a lost hope.

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