Announcing: SAVN.TV Global Launch!

The Salvation Army Western Territory has just globally launched SAVN.TV (Salvation Army Vision Network).

The intersection of technology and ministry

The “virtual mission station”
The “digital street corner”
The future of evangelism…



Commissioner James M. Knaggs, Western Territory Commander released the following statement about it:

With the global launch of, I’m inviting every officer, soldier, adherent and friend to join me in becoming a social media eVangelist. My vision: Mark 16:15 -The world for Christ!

Facebook has just reached 1 Billion users, while the total number of Internet users worldwide has surpassed 2 Billion. I feel spirit-led to expand Booth’s vision, culturally, geographically and digitally into the 21st Century: “to attack, to Christianize” an entire cyberspace community – evangelizing beyond the lines. It presents an opportunity for The Salvation Army to be on the virtual missional and evangelical cutting edge.

For a generation that is cause oriented, SAVN provides the ability and opportunity to get involved directly, online, in unprecedented ways. As a user, you will be given the opportunity to create your own personal social media Mission Station, and get involved physically, financially, spiritually in the mission of your choosing. So let’s get going!

Click on the following link:

Then click on the GETTING STARTED box in the lower left hand corner.

And please share your successes with me.


James M. Knaggs, Commissioner

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