A Grand Re-Opening!

We cut the ribbon today at the re-opening of our Monterey Peninsula (Seaside) Thrift Store!!!!! A long-time landmark in Seaside (1850 Fremont Street), the store had been temporarily closed, and remodeled. Attendees of this Grand Opening were admitted as the first customers of the business operations. Major John Desplancke ARC Administrator cut the ribbon, and […]

Soberanes Fire: The Salvation Army Relief Efforts

Number of Volunteers: 8 3 from Salinas Captain Patrick Lyons Daniel Miller one unknown 5 from Monterey Lt. Kayla Covert Colleen Brotherton Richard Leidsen Desiree Cabrera Andrew Millington Number of Meals Served: 405 Days Canteen was ‘On-Site’ in Carmel Valley: 6 Number of Meals Prepared by TSA: 110 Number of Meals Donated: 100 (via Sabu […]

A Tribute: Patricia Smith Ramsey

The Salvation Army Monterey Peninsula salutes Patricia Ramsey for her unbending personal and financial support as a Life Member of our Board of Advisors.  Pat was promoted to Glory June 2.   Her support of the Salvation Army began in 1983. A direct descendant of a Donner Party survivor, she was born (1927) to proud […]

3 Say “Yes!” to Salvation Army Membership

The Monterey Peninsula Corps is proud to welcome three new members to their ranks. Senior Soldier, Andrew Millington, and Adherents, Connie Olivera and Emilio Tarango, stood before the congregation to affirm their covenant with God to be members of His Army. This mighty trio proved, once again, that God can use each of us, and […]