Family Transitional Housing

We are currently accepting applications for the Two-Year Housing and our 90-Day Housing Program.

Casa de Las PalmasTwo Year Programs: The Salvation Army provides temporary housing for families needing help to transition from homelessness into independent living. The program provides basic needs and services to families that are caught in the cycle of homelessness and are willing to commit to improving their lifestyle. Casa de Las Palmas and our Phase II Program offers residential care for a time period not to exceed 24 months to families willing to work toward a goal of self-sufficiency. Our goal is for families to secure permanent housing and to become independent and self-sufficient members of our community.

Family Assistance Residence Dedication90-Day Program: The Salvation Army Frederiksen House currently provides shelter for homeless families for up to 90 days in the program facility. The goal of this program is to provide stability to the family while giving them the opportunity to secure employment and savings that will assist in establishing permanent housing. Clients also receive assistance with resumes, job searches, budgeting and housing. In addition, the program provides on-going case management and support in areas such as financial management, job skills, parenting skills and childcare referrals.

All applicants wishing to be considered must first meet the eligibility guidelines listed below:

  • Must be homeless or on the verge of becoming homeless due to eviction, foreclosure,  loss of employment, domestic violence, or divorce and  be able to provide proof of circumstances.
  • Must be a legal resident of the United States.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • A criminal background check will be conducted.  Anyone convicted of a felony, violent offence or sexual offence will not be accepted into the program.
  • Must be able to actively look for and secure employment in the first 30 days of the emergency housing program. Transitional Housing Program Applicants must be working a minimum of 32 hours for at least 30 days prior to entering the program.
  • Must have children under the age of 18 currently living with them and have at minimum 50% shared legal/physical custody of children in care and be able to provide proof.
  • Children must be registered and attend school. Home schooling will not be accepted.
  • Must be free of all alcohol and drugs for at least 12 months and be able to provide proof of sobriety and/or recovery program.
  • Both single parents and couples are eligible for Emergency Housing. Couples must be married to qualify for Transitional Housing.
  • Must meet HUD low-income guidelines.
  • Only adult family members admitted at intake may participate in the program; additional adult members will not be included once the family has entered the program.
  • If attending school in addition to working 32 hours, must provide a copy of school schedule.
  • Must be willing to adhere to all program guidelines.
  • Must be willing to work closely with case manager.
  • Must be highly self-motivated.
  • Must have a “plan” in place prior to entering the program.

For more information call Yesenia Lopez-Rubio, Resident Service Coordinator at (831) 899-1071 for an initial phone screening. Applications are only available after a phone screening is completed.

After review, applicants will be called to schedule an interview. Only applicants who complete the application packet and interview will be placed on the wait list.

Housing Applicant Eligibility Flyer (downloadable PDF)