Haiti: 6 Months Later

The Salvation Army in Haiti - 6 Months LaterThe Salvation Army has served over 5.4 Million meals in Haiti since the earthquake struck January 12,2010. That’s not all though. The Salvation Army has also built 600 Transitional Shelters for those displaced by the earthquake.

Alexandria, VA (July 13, 2010) – The Salvation Army will complete the construction of 600 housing shelters through the Transitional Shelter Program in Jacmel, Haiti this week, to assist in relocating earthquake-displaced Haitians back to their home communities. Over the past six months The Salvation Army has transitioned from providing for immediate needs, including temporary shelter, food, water and medical attention to providing long-term recovery services to help return survivors to a level of normalcy in their lives. The long-term rebuilding process has employed more than 400 Haitians as carpenters and construction crew-members to assist in reconstruction efforts.

“The level of care and steps taken to rebuild Haiti has been astonishing, with this transitional housing project highlighting the significant strides everyone has made over the past six months,” said Lt. Colonel Dan Starrett Executive Director of The Salvation Army World Service Office. “Housing shelters have been built in some of the most heavily impacted areas in Haiti, including Jacmel, Bainet, Lilette and Bellami. The Salvation Army has had a major presence in Haiti since the 1950s and we’ll continue to provide earthquake relief services for as long as the need is there.”

For a full update on The Salvation Army’s continued work in Haiti, please visit The Salvation Army USA’s blog.

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