Operation Christmas Cheer: Struggling family stays optimistic

Her 4-year-old daughter, Alexis, is “on the chubby side,” says Arlene Loomis. She has a good appetite.

Her son, Jaxon, just 4 months old, is breast-feeding. Making sure the family eats healthy meals is a priority, says Loomis, but it’s also a challenge.

Loomis, 27, and her boyfriend, Leslie Reeves, 32, are careful with what little money they have because both are unemployed in a brutal economy.

To continue reading about how this family is staying optimistic this season, or to help, read the rest at the Monterey County Herald by clicking here.

Operation Christmas Cheer is a partnership between The Monterey County Herald, 1st Capital Bank and The Salvation Army to support local families in need of support during the Christmas season. This is the 26th year of Operation Christmas Cheer, which has raised over over $2 million for families in Monterey County. During the course of the Christmas season, The Herald will run several stories like the one above highlighting families who are in need of assistance this year and are being helped by The Salvation Army.

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