Red Kettle Campaign

You can donate $10 to our Red Kettle Campaign through your mobile phone right here*!

  1. Scan this QR Code with your phone’s barcode scanner (See details below if you are confused)
  2. When it scans you should have an option to “Send SMS” – Select that option
  3. It will compose a text message for you that says “IGIVE MONTEREY”
  4. SEND the message
  5. You will then receive a confirmation
  6. Text the word YES as a reply to the confirmation (If you skip this step, the donation will not be processed)

You can also manually compose the text message to the number 80888, with the phrase “IGIVE MONTEREY” in the body of the message. Then follow the directions above starting at #4.

Don’t know what a QR Code or Barcode Scanner is? It’s basically those things from stores that scans your prices, and in this case, the “code” sends a message back to your phone. You can get a barcode scanner for free here:

ANDROID (opens in new window/tab)
iPHONE (opens in new window/tab)

*Standard messaging rates apply
**If you’re under 18 or don’t pay for your own phone, get your parents’ permission first!


You can also donate more (or less) than $10 using your credit or debit card through our Online Red Kettle.

Online Red Kettle

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